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Boost your resilience through efficacious incident response solutions.

Boost your resilience through efficacious incident response solutions.

As an experienced team, we provide a wide array of investigative services aimed at strengthening your incident response capabilities and safeguarding your organisation’s integrity. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of investigative areas, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.  Our key incident response services cover fraud and corruption events, accounting irregularities and regulatory non-compliance matters. Additionally, we conduct corporate and internal workplace misconduct matters, anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) retrospective reviews and intellectual property theft /investigations.

Our team, consisting of individuals with a rich blend of law enforcement and corporate consulting backgrounds, leverages its vast investigative experience to provide custom solutions, while upholding stringent confidentiality standards.

We deploy robust, forensically sound methods and sophisticated forensic analytical approaches for system and data examination, aimed at pinpointing potential evidence during incident response investigations. Our state-of-the-art digital forensic laboratory systems and specialist equipment aid in preserving, extracting, and analysing data with precision.

With a global footprint and industry-tailored proficiency, we ensure high-impact investigations across numerous sectors and jurisdictions in your incident response journey. Importantly, you will benefit from engaging experienced professionals who can navigate complex situations, conduct impartial investigations, and provide actionable recommendations for resolution and improvement. When it comes to alleged ethical wrongdoings, we provide comprehensive investigative services, including evidence collection, interview conduction, and fact-finding. Our incident response services also extend to AML/CTF retrospective reviews, where we meticulously inspect past transactions for any indications of money laundering or terrorist financing. Alongside, we offer dispute resolution advice and suggestions for appropriate disciplinary measures, ensuring a thorough approach to managing ethical and compliance concerns.

Incident Response Expertise:

  • Investigating allegations of workplace misconduct, such as harassment, discrimination, bullying, or ethical violations.
  • Conducting in-depth investigations into financial irregularities, theft or misappropriation of funds.
  • Responding to health and safety incidents and identifying root causes and measures to prevent future incidents.
  • Addressing incidents related to environmental pollution, spills, or other environmental hazards.
  • Investigating product quality issues or safety concerns that may lead to recalls.
  • Responding to incidents that disrupt the supply chain, such as delays, quality issues, or breaches of contract.
  • Investigating instances of theft, property damage, or loss within the organisation.
  • Responding to potential non-compliance with corporate policies, codes of conduct, or regulatory requirements.
  • Providing support and guidance during crisis situations, such as natural disasters, accidents, or other emergencies.

The Andersen Global Advantage

Our team of specialists, armed with significant incident response expertise and a worldwide presence, guarantees timely and efficient aid when you need it most. Our focus is on proactive planning, using our extensive knowledge to assist organisations in crafting strong, bespoke incident response strategies

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